Monday evening and Saturday morning appointments available.
£5 off introductory offer please mention when booking.

Who Do We Treat?

Chiropodists and Podiatrists treat everybody. All ages and backgrounds regularly limp into the surgeries and dance out again.

Peoples needs of course vary:

  • Sporting injuries are on the increase as we all try to develop healthier lifestyles.
  • Small children (and indeed the not so young) will sometimes develop a verruca or two.
  • Problems associated with general health or illness, such as Diabetes effect all age groups and both genders. (see Diabetes)
  • As we age we are perhaps in need of a chiropodist and podiatrists more frequently.
  • Our feet carry us all our life, our whole body weight is held by them and so it is not so surprising to find that they eventually may develop the odd difficulty.

Problems are often exacerbated by people simply being embarrassed to consult a chiropodist or podiatrist. Do not worry, a qualified and experienced chiropodist or podiatrist will have seen most things before – you will rarely be the first to walk through the door with a new dilemma. And by the way, no we don’t tickle!

Sometimes it may not be possible to get to the clinic in Fenham and we may be able to offer a home visit.

Please call 0191 273 6422 to see if we can help.